SIMSA-Mosaic Roundtable – Record Participation by SIMSA Members and Mosaic Staff

November 3, 2017

November 2nd, 2017

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Mosaic sent a record amount of staff to the SIMSA-Mosaic Roundtable Event, and SIMSA members intron attended in record amounts.

The SIMSA Mosaic Roundtable Event saw a record 18 staff members attend from Mosaic – a record amount.  The attending most notably included Bruce Bodine, Senior Vice President Potash (the head of Mosaic’s potash division) and Crystal Steciuk (Director Strategic Sourcing).  Crystal Steciuk was also the event development lead from the Mosaic side.

At the Roundtable event, Mosaic attendees will be seated individually around the room at tables with the record number of SIMSA members in attendance – there were over 200 persons in the room – this allowed for greater conversation.

The event sold out, saw the room capacity increased, then sold-out again.  And, stemming from the release of the Mosaic attendee list, SIMSA even gained multiple memberships from the event.





It took 3 photos to capture the event. 


The event will began with a 45-minute presentation (available here).  The presentation began with Bruce Bodine giving an update on the global potash markets and Mosaic’s operations within it.  The event then transitioned into a presentation on Mosaic’s potash expenditure plans by Derek Van Nes, followed by a session by Crystal Steciuk on procurement combined with answers to SIMSA’s pre-submitted questions.  The questions to Mosaic were developed during a separate SIMSA lunch sessions on October 17 in Saskatoon.

The event concluded with a networking session which included every Mosaic person in attendance.  Mosaic persons stayed until every question was answered and conversation desired was held – Crystal Steciuk was the last to leave.

Mosaic staff attending were:

From Procurement:

  1. Crystal Steciuk, Director Strategic Sourcing (Presenting)
  2. Jason Rathgaber, Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing
  3. Boyd Peakman, Manager Procurement Operations
  4. Jamey Wolfe, Strategic Sourcing Manager K3 Capital
  5. Brad Degelman, Strategic Sourcing Manager Capital
  6. Ash Ladner, Senior Sourcing Specialist
  7. Denise Stasuik, Manager Procurement Services


From Capital:

  1. Gerry Couture, Vice-President Capital & Engineering
  2. Carey Wakeford, Senior Manager Project Services Capital
  3. Derek Van Nes, Director Sustaining Capital (Presenting)
  4. Sherri Doidge, Senior Manager Belle Plaine Capital
  5. Lawrence Berthelet, Director Esterhazy Capital


From Operations:

  1. Colin Lindholm, Operations Planning Manager
  2. Nevin Maga, General Manager Belle Plaine
  3. Brian Marshall, General Manager Esterhazy K2
  4. Justin Schmautz, Maintenance Planning Coordinator Colonsay


From Corporate:

  1. Bruce Bodine, Senior Vice President Potash (Presenting)
  2. Sarah Fedorchuk, Senior Director Public Affairs Potash


As one SIMSA member noted, “What we had today, was a great opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation, which enables the conveyance of a narrative – the narrative that pre-qual forms do not generally allow.

Eric Anderson – SIMSA’s Executive Director – noted that, “An event of this scale and value to SIMSA’s members, would not have been possible without the generous participation by Mosaic.”  He further stated, “Mosaic has clearly demonstrated their support for the Saskatchewan supply chain and SIMSA is grateful for it.”