SIMSA is leading the supply chain development for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Saskatchewan, with MOUs for exclusive supply chain development MOUs with GE-Hitachi, X-energy, and the OCNI for Saskatchewan.  We are also pursuing all nuclear fuel manufacturing opportunities.


As such, SIMSA has hired Tom Kishchuk as its Nuclear Specialist.

SIMSA and its members will now be able to leverage his considerable previous experiences, such as being the former President and CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Canada, as well as the former Vice President of Operational Support for Federated Co-operatives Limited.

As SIMSA’s Nuclear Specialist, Tom will maximize the amount of Saskatchewan content for new nuclear development in Canada and globally, especially in Saskatchewan, including but not limited to: Small Modular Reactor component manufacturing and deployment, certified services to the nuclear industry, nuclear fuel manufacturing, etc.

Tom brings a unique combination of technical and business leadership experience gained during more than 25 years of developing provincial, national and international networks and relationships to support the manufacturing of heavy industrial equipment in Saskatchewan.  Tom is qualified to review design elements, and then help members assess the risk to their business from stepping into the sector, by assessing the time/space requirements.  He can also discuss business attraction and regulatory items with major vendors and Government.


All of this will allow Saskatchewan SMEs to expand their reach to other provinces and countries and ensures supply chain capacity is available for upcoming Saskatchewan projects, which will run concurrent to significant nuclear projects in New Brunswick and Ontario. Saskatchewan is a logical hub for a safe and ethical nuclear supply chain.

And, we have added three broad nuclear headings and several sub-headings to our member database.  With these, government, reactor vendors, and major procurers can quickly identify who is “interested in nuclear” or “becoming accredited” for nuclear work, or “are accredited,” and then explore further to see which categories.