SIMSA-K+S Potash Canada Roundtable – Continued Stunning Participation

February 1, 2018

February 1st, 2018

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K+S Potash Canada continued the tradition of stunning participation at the SIMSA-K+S Potash Canada Roundtable on January 31st, 2018 – see HERE.

The SIMSA K+S Potash Canada Roundtable Event saw 12 key staff members attend from K+S.  SIMSA’s Executive Director Eric Anderson stated, “When you consider they are the newest potash mining company to the province and they only have 1-mine, 12 participants is amazing.”

At the Roundtable event, the 12 K+S attendees will be seated individually around the room at tables with the SIMSA members in attendance – there were over 150 persons in the room – this allowed for greater conversation.  150 attendees was more than expected since the event was held in Moose Jaw – away from the industry’s traditional bases of Saskatoon and Regina.

The event sold out, saw the room capacity increased, then sold-out again.  And, stemming from the release of the K+S’ attendee list, SIMSA even gained multiple memberships from the event.

A full room attends the SIMSA K+S Potash Canada Roundtable Event

K+S’ Sam Farris informs SIMSA members. 


The event began with detailed 90-minute presentation (available here).  The presentation’s focus was largely driven by the 33 pre-submitted questions developed by SIMSA members, during a separate SIMSA lunch session on January 17 in Saskatoon.  The pre-submission allowed for better presentation development by K+S, as they knew what SIMSA members wanted to know.  Further, with the questions thought-out and submitted in advance, more questions can be answered and the quality was higher.

The event concluded with a networking session which included every K+S person in attendance.  K+S persons stayed until every question was answered and conversation desired was held.

This event was the first to permit sponsorship by SIMSA members.  JNE Welding and Deca Industries sponsored the event.



K+S Potash Canada staff participating in the event were:


  • Sam Farris – Senior VP and General Manager Bethune Site
  • Thomas Papst – VP Capital Projects and Technology
  • Eric Cline – VP Land and Sustainable Development
  • Sarah Thompson – Senior Manager Procurement and Materials Management



  • Marc Colombet – Manager Maintenance and Reliability
  • Brett Welder – Manager Health, Safety and Security
  • Marcel Mueller-Goldkuhle – Manager Process Engineering
  • Quinn Nerenberg – Project Manager
  • Jeff Meyer – Superintendent Capital Projects
  • Lowell Berg – Superintendent Procurement
  • Sameer Saran – Senior Contracts Specialist
  • Darcy Tourangeau – Manager Indigenous Initiatives


One SIMSA member noted, “This was another amazing SIMSA event.”

Eric Anderson – SIMSA’s Executive Director – noted that, “An event of this scale and value to SIMSA’s members, would not have been possible without the generous participation by K+S.”  He further stated, “K+S has clearly demonstrated their support for the Saskatchewan supply chain and SIMSA is grateful for it.”

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About the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA):

SIMSA is the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association, representing Saskatchewan based companies who provide goods and services to mining, oil and gas and industrial projects.  SIMSA’s membership over 160 companies, represents well-over $14-billion in annual revenues with the province.  SIMSA’s mandate is to represent the interests and concerns of Saskatchewan industrial equipment and service suppliers, through promotion of its members and the creation of partnerships with industry and other associations.

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Eric Anderson, Executive Director