SIMSA’s Industrial Concierge’s Work is Paying-off

November 22, 2022

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Saskatoon – The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) launched the “Industrial Concierge” position in the fall of 2021.  The position is co-funded by Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) and the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII).  James Bulmer was selected as the Industrial Concierge.

James’ role is to provide personalized advice to SIMSA members to support digital innovation, carbon reduction, and ESG initiatives in the supply chain.  The Concierge also guides SIMSA members in meeting IMII’s minerals member companies’ – BHP, Cameco, Mosaic and Nutrien – needs on digital transformation and Carbon accounting, reporting, and reduction. These companies’ Saskatchewan operations are key global suppliers (or soon to be) in the critical minerals potash and uranium.

Over the past several years, major resource producers have been developing carbon reduction targets for their supply chains.  More recently, at a recent SIMSA event, a major resource producer began signaling of upcoming carbon-reduction requirements for the supply chain.

The Industrial Concierge’s work has prepared the items required by the supply chain, to meet these needs, in concert with industry, in the area of carbon reduction, James has:

  1. Created a list of 60 carbon reduction, ESG resources, and tools. This includes 16 Concierge-created Documents/tools on carbon reduction such as:
    1. EV cost and carbon footprint comparison tool;
    2. Solar payback calculator;
    3. Training;
    4. Energy management, efficiency calculators;
    5. Benchmarking Calculator and best practices;
    6. Circular economy;
    7. One-pagers on carbon reduction and innovation.
  2. Created 5 versions of a Carbon Calculator (2018-2022).
  3. Created a list of Funders.
  4. Created a network of 50+ contacts for carbon reduction.
    1. Service providers
    2. Subject matter experts
    3. Institutions
  5. Facilitated 2 events that helped promote Carbon reduction within SIMSA.
  6. Greatly assisted in the development of 2 post-secondary courses for the accounting of Carbon.
  7. Helped member companies learn the calculator with the calculation of their carbon needs.
  8. Compiled the needs of SIMSA members with respect to ESG and supply chain, to create a Carbon Strategy.


Simultaneously on the Innovation side, James has:

  1. Created a library of 60+ digital innovation resources.
  2. Facilitated 6 events that helped promote innovation within SIMSA.
  3. Connected 30+ member companies with funding agencies for their innovation needs.
  4. Recruited 15 applicants for the IMII’s DemoDay out of a total of 32 – approximately triple the previous record.
  5. Assisted 5 members with connecting innovators, with the right subject matter experts.
  6. Promoted collaborative innovation between the mining companies, crowns, and energy companies through the Innovation Discovery Event.
  7. Created a network of 100+ contacts for digital innovation.
    1. Service providers
    2. Funders
    3. Subject matter experts
    4. Institutions


With the Industrial Concierge’s work to date, the supply chain is now able to attain industry’s carbon reduction and innovation goals.  SIMSA’s Industrial Concierge’s work is paying-off.

“Our government is working in partnership with companies in the mining supply chain as they reduce carbon emissions and adopt new digitization technologies,” said the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister of PrairiesCan. “SIMSA’s concierge service has already helped generate significant revenue, job creation, and training opportunities for members. These services will continue to be important as we work together to strengthen our economy, create good jobs for Canadian workers, and help build a cleaner and brighter future.”

The IMII said, “We value the service the Industrial Concierge is providing to our minerals company members and the role James’ is playing in connecting resource producers, solution providers and funding agencies in advancing innovation and carbon reduction in Saskatchewan’s potash and uranium mining sectors.” IMII has provided $150,000 to SIMSA for the Industrial Concierge to help build capacity in Saskatchewan’s minerals industry innovation ecosystem.



About PrairiesCan:

PrairiesCan is the department that helps to diversify the economy across the Canadian Prairies. It leads in building a strong, competitive Canadian economy by supporting business, innovation and community economic development unique to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Funding under RIE helps create, grow and nurture inclusive regional ecosystems that support business needs and foster an entrepreneurial environment conducive to innovation, growth and competitiveness.


About IMII:

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is a unique innovation supporting network of mining companies, government departments and agencies, and post-secondary and research institutions, jointly funded by industry and government.  It exists to deliver innovations that matter to mining in Saskatchewan.  The IMII’s mineral company members include BHP, Cameco, Mosaic, and Nutrien.



The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) represents 327 companies with a permanent physical office in Saskatchewan, in the energy, mining, and industrial sectors.  This membership has over 32,000 employees in our province with over $14-billion in annual sales attributable to their Saskatchewan operations.  SIMSA’s membership has grown by 60% since the start of COVID-19 pandemic.





For more information contact:

Eric Anderson,

Executive Director, SIMSA

(306) 343-0019