SIMSA’s 2023 AGM sees some changes

May 16, 2023

The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) held its 2023 AGM on May 16th in Saskatoon.

The results saw 2 Board members leave due term limits, with 2 new ones replacing them.  There was also a change to SIMSA’s Bylaws, which will see the Board’s population change from 12 Regular members (Regular are those with the world headquarters in Saskatchewan), to 9 Regular members and 3 Open members (Open are those without their world headquarters in Saskatchewan).

After the formal AGM portion of the meeting, Patrick Bergermann, Associate Vice President, Energy Roadmap at Federated Co-operatives Limited, presented on their multi-billion dollar upcoming expansion work and outlined some upcoming event dates – which included two upcoming events with SIMSA members in addition to the annual Energy Forum.  Members also saw that FCL are using our member database as a sourcing tool.

Patrick Bergermann addressing SIMSA members at AGM

Departing from SIMSA’s Board this year were its Chair and long-time member Eric Lamontagne, as well a long-time member Kipp Sakundiak – both departed due to term limits. Additionally, Eric Lamontagne departed after faithfully and effectively helping guide SIMSA out of a pandemic and into a new reality, as well as core changes to SIMSA’s Bylaws.   New to SIMSA’s Board are Bobbylynn Stewart, CEO of Breck Construction and Bryan MacFadden, VP at Clifton.

The Bylaw revisions – which saw the addition of 3 Open member seats to the Board – were approved on 89% of the ballots received.  SIMSA has never released actual voting results in the past – other than passed/not-passed.  However, due to the amount of conversation created by this year’s proposed Bylaw revisions, we felt it prudent to disclose them.

The change to SIMSA’s Board population was done to add broader skills and experience to SIMSA’s Board.   Additionally the change allows for better representation of the entire membership on SIMSA’s Board, as Open members currently account for over 40% of SIMSA’s voting membership.  This includes numerous organizations who have either always been based in Saskatchewan, contribute greatly to our economy and our Saskatchewan communities.  Over time, some of these organizations have either moved their head office outside the province for business reasons or may have been acquired by a non-SK based entity as a part of their growth strategy.  In addition to promoting business growth, the skills and the broad experience that senior leadership from these organizations may bring to SIMSA’s Board will be beneficial to all our members.  Therefore, up to 3 members or a 25% Board membership from this category, was proposed and approved.  Subsequent voting years will contain nominees from both the Regular and Open categories.

Simultaneously, SIMSA’s membership criteria were tightened in regards to the definition of a company’s “World Headquarters” being in Saskatchewan.  This may see a few current Regular members become Open members.  The changes clarify, that should any relationship exist between a member company – a relationship seeing the Saskatchewan company being a subsidiary, part of a larger group, etc., of a company not headquartered in Saskatchewan – then the member company is deemed to not have its World Headquarters in Saskatchewan.