SIMSA launches 4 items that aggressively market its members’ abilities

November 19, 2019

In addition to the roundtable events that you see, SIMSA has started a massive marketing campaign both supporting its members and promoting its members’ abilities – 5 items have already happened, 4 were launched today, and 4 have been developing.

5 key-elements already delivered:

  1. Caused over 4.5-million views and almost 13,000 click-throughs, with an extensive social-media campaign during the Federal election in support of the resource sector (explaining the benefits of the resource sector, not promoting a particular party).  This campaign was strategically focused only into ridings – from Ontario to BC inclusive – that were teetering to go one-way or the other.  This campaign resulted in:
    • 12,984 click throughs to a web-page for further information
  2. Grabbed industry’s and Government’s attention with an Economic Impact study, which quantified the benefits of “shopping local”
    • Press release was in September 2019
    • Directly shared and highlighted to all producers and government in September 2019
    • The studies’ results are now part of the introduction to all SIMSA events with producers, and all conversations with producers and government.  It will also be part of further initiatives in the future.
    • It has already been mentioned multiple times by government at multiple events and they have committed to do more
    • There will be a feature story on the study in PotashWorks and Saskatchewan Oil Report in 2020
  3. Launched a new SIMSA website focusing on how SIMSA members “solve problems” for industry.  This website will feature member-submitted stories on how they have “solved problems” for industrial clients.  A request for stories will be made shortly (there will be a step by step form submitted to help guide the development of your submission), with the goal of posting one story per week.
  4. Launched a new Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum website.
  5. Almost monopolised Pipeline News’ November edition with the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Supply Chain Forum as the cover-story, as well half of the issue’s content was from the event.


4-new elements announced today:

SIMSA has embarked on an extensive 2-year marketing your abilities/companies – via the Saskatchewan Supplier Database (SSD) – to major procurement persons.  This initiative is partially funded by Western Economic Diversification.  The marketing will in include:

  1. An aggressive Social media campaign from Ontario to BC inclusive, and into the far north, beginning November 2019.  This campaign is targeted at “procurement persons” using the same team and strategies as the successful election campaign in item #1 above.  It will drive procurement persons to the SSD.
  2. The same aggressive Social media being extended into Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Mexico beginning November 2019
  3. Working the floor at the upcoming
    • Prospectors and Developers’ Conference – Toronto
    • CIM – Vancouver
    • Canadian Mining Expo – Timmins
    • Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show – Lloydminster
  4. Placing eye-catching half-page print ads in
    • Pipeline News
      • December 2019
      • July, August, September, October and November 2020
    • Saskatchewan Oil Report
      • January 2020 and 2021
    • Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM)
      • February, March, April, and May 2020
    • Northern Prospector
      • November 2019 and 2020
    • The Northern Miner
      • December 2019 and 2020
    • Canadian Mining Magazine
      • January, April, August, and September 2020
      • January 2021


4 developing elements:

  1. Repeated and ongoing direct contact by telephone and email to 79 resource producers and EPCMs.  All of these companies have operations in Canada between Ontario and BC inclusive, and into our far north.  These 79 companies are in addition to the ones we have already met at our Roundtable events.
  2. Connecting SIMSA members with CAMSC corporate members (the auto sector and other major industrial companies) with the SSD as a conduit in February, 2020.
  3. To support all of the above marketing both past and new, we have been working to ensure all member-profiles on the database have been completed.  On May 1, over 100 companies had not completed their Technical Abilities on the database, which meant they would not appear in search results and made the database look less valuable as few results appeared; on November 12th this number had reduced to 24.
  4. Assisting in the development of a study on the “Impact of PST on Construction in Saskatchewan.” This collaborative initiative is being driven by the Saskatchewan Business Coalition (an organization comprised of 20 business groups, of which SIMSA is a part) – specifically by the PST Committee (of which SIMSA is a part).



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