SIMSA "Hiring Needs" Survey Results

March 11, 2022

SIMSA concluded a survey of its members’ labour needs on March 11th.  We had 143 responses from the 250’ish members that would qualify as actual suppliers (i.e. not banks, software firms, etc.) – we currently have 298 members in total (up 39% through COVID).

Given the rapid collapse of Russian and Belarusian relations with the rest of the world, and they are our biggest competitors for potash and we will likely be increasing production, we may consider that the level of confidence is increasing.

We have included an “adjusted” column to each chart (when applicable), which is the number of labourers each company needs by their confidence in their need of the labour. I.e. They “might” need 10 carpenters, but they are 50% confident in that need. Therefore, the adjusted number that they would need is 5.

The results are HERE