SIMSA announces "Lunch and Learn" webinars

December 10, 2020

SIMSA is launching a new tool for members to use – “Lunch and Learn” webinars.  These will be webinars presented by a SIMSA member, to other SIMSA members and non-members.   It will be an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge, but it must be more than an infomercial – it must provide knowledge while also marketing your company/product/service.  The following are the details:



  1. Presenters
    1. Must be a SIMSA member company
  2. Audience
    1. SIMSA members and non-members
  3. Topics
    1. Must provide information and guidance on a topic relevant to SIMSA members’ businesses
    2. Can contain promotional materials on the presenting company, but must be more than an infomercial
    3. SIMSA must approve topic(s) before event proceeds
  4. Duration
    1. Present for 20 – 45 minutes
    2. Q&A follows – via chat or audio
    3. No-longer than 60 minutes in total including presentation and Q&A
  5. Platform
    1. Presented via “Teams” using SIMSA’s account
  6. Booking
    1. To be booked with fee paid at least 6-weeks in advance to allow for promotion
    2. Can be moved with as little as 2-week’s notice if an “owner” (a big mining company as an example) asks for a procurement related event, however best efforts will be made to avoid this scenario
    3. Will generally commence at noon on Fridays (or last day of the work week)
    4. We will hold no more than two in a month


Promotions and Cost

  1. $1,000 fee paid in advance to SIMSA – prior to promotion and to hold the date
  2. Audience attends for free, but must register in advance
  3. No guarantee on audience size and fee is retained by SIMSA regardless of attendance
  4. Presenting company must promote the event via its network of contacts
  5. SIMSA will:
    1. List event in newsletter as a “Lunch and Learn,” which is secondary to SIMSA’s procurement and educational events
    2. List event on website as a “Lunch and Learn,” which is secondary to SIMSA’s procurement and educational events
    3. Send 2 promotional emails on the event to its membership
    4. Post event twice on each of SIMSA’s major social media accounts – LinkedIn and Twitter
    5. Provide a registration platform
    6. Will open the Teams room at the start of the event and provide a short introduction


If you are interested, contact