Indigenous Manufacturing and Contracting Network (IMCN) - officially launched and hiring an Executive Director

April 19, 2022

SIMSA has been assisting the develop and launch, of the newly formed Indigenous Manufacturing and Contracting Network (IMCN).  The IMCN is currently filing as a non profit, seeking sponsorship, etc.  Once this has been completed, SIMSA will be backing away from the IMCN but remaining as an advisor.


The IMCN is now searching for its first Executive Director – the job posting is HERE.  Please submit your application to Eric Anderson, SIMSA’s Executive Director at, by May 6, 2022. The successful candidate will be expected to begin in as soon as possible.


The IMCN’s purpose is:

    • To improve the quality of life of Indigenous people in Saskatchewan, as well as generate long-term prosperity
    • To represent people who are Indigenous and have lived the experience
    • A collective to:

o Represent Indigenous-owned contracting, manufacturing, and other commercial or industrial supply chain companies – the target sectors – that seek to increase the socio-economic impact of these activities for Indigenous peoples.

o Create meaningful training programs and individual contributor career opportunities within the target sectors, for one of Canada’s greatest untapped resources: Indigenous Youth, the fastest growing youth population in Canada.


The IMCN’s mandate is;

    • Advancing Indigenous economic development and meaningful engagement.
    • Building capacity within the Indigenous community to meet the needs of a growing economy.
    • Driving individual growth for Indigenous people through the creation of careers.
    • Given the above, the IMCN is less accountable to its membership and more to the Indigenous persons it represents.
    • Advocating for best practices with respect to Indigenous procurement.
    • Speak equally to the needs of sole proprietor, corporate, and community owned businesses.
    • Collaborating with Indigenous and nonindigenous stakeholders from all levels of industry, OEMs, owner/operators, academia, governments including Indigenous Tribal Councils and Development Corporations, to:

o Build a workforce pipeline for their businesses by developing training and education programs for Indigenous Youth by Indigenous grass roots manufacturers

o Meet the growing demand for skills in emerging technologies including machine learning, robotics, automation, AI, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and the Internet of Things that rose 36% in 2019.

o Create well-paying careers in manufacturing and construction within our communities

o Support the establishment of new manufacturing and construction businesses including technology companies in indigenous communities; a population that is creating new businesses at 9 times the Canadian average.

o Re-shore virtual industrial design expertise

o Support revenue growth


The IMCN’s formative Board is:

    • John Desjarlais, Great Plains Contracting – Board Chair
    • Kayla Paul, Xtended Hydraulics – Vice Chair
    • Toni Dumais, Kihew FabCo – Secretary
    • Brad Darbyshire, Buffalo Professional Services
    • Graham Corsar, JNE Welding
    • Rob Tebb, Xtended Hydraulics
    • Shaun Howdle, STC Industrial
    • Treena Amyotte, PFN Group of Companies