IMII Innovation Awards 2018

December 21, 2017

In addition to the IMII’s DEMOday 2018 – see HERE – the IMII and SIMSA now have the Innovation Awards 2018 – see HERE or below!  Both events will allow your concept/product to be reviewed by your target market and perhaps gain some recognition and/or development funding!  The IMII – the International Minerals Innovation Institute – is a partnership between Agrium, BHP, Cameco, K+S, PotashCorp, Mosaic, the Government of Saskatchewan, and others.  Your item will be reviewed by their staff.


Innovation Awards 2018


The Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum has become a top destination for mineral companies and mining suppliers alike, and a showcase for new and innovative technology. The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is pleased to announce that the following innovation awards will be given out for the first time on the eve of the 10th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum in April 2018.

Best Prototype Award (pre-commercial)

Selected from among technologies submitted by Saskatchewan companies, this award for the best prototype represents the most innovative emerging technology from the supply chain for the minerals industry in the province.

The winning prototype will demonstrate it solves a significant problem for the minerals industry, offers a noteworthy value proposition (e.g., an advantage over existing technologies in reducing GHG or air emissions, minimizing land disturbance, improving waste management practices, improving the energy efficiency of operations, reducing water use, enhancing safety), and has the potential to become commercially available to the industry in 12 to 36 months. It should represent a fundamental advancement, and not a new feature or version of an existing technology.

The award winner will be considered for funding under IMII’s Operationalizing Innovations program, and may be a candidate for the Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive if subsequently commercially developed in the province.

A prototype is a first or preliminary version of a working device, tool or technology.

Selection of Award Winner

All nominations are to be received by IMII by the deadline, and will undergo a merit-review selection process involving representatives of IMII’s funding members (Agrium, BHP, Cameco, K+S Potash, Mosaic and PotashCorp) and Innovation Saskatchewan.

Entry Requirements

  • The clear intent of the entry is to build and bring to market an economically viable innovative technology that meets a demonstrated need of the Saskatchewan minerals industry
  • The participant bears solely the responsibility for the preparation of its entry
  • The entry meets all the entry requirements, as listed below
  • The participant must be intent on commercializing intellectual property that meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • It is an innovative product or service involving new technology;
    • It combines existing technologies in a way that results in new intellectual property;
    • It utilizes technologies to develop new or improve existing products or services;
    • It utilizes technologies to develop new or improve existing production processes; and/or
    • It is the early-stage development of a new technology (i.e., a prototype)
  • The Participant must
    • Be a supply chain company (not a professional service firm); and
    • Have an interest in the promotion and growth of Saskatchewan’s mineral industry supply chain.
  • All entries must be made by stated deadline



The completed Best Prototype Award Application providing an outline of the business idea, must be submitted electronically by January 19, 2018, 11:00pm.

Required Information

The submission must show how the participant meets the eligibility requirements. Please use the information below to help prepare your application prior to submission.

  1. Company description – A summary of the company, similar to what would be used at the end of a press release or in a presentation (100 words maximum).
  2. Company history – Describe the origin and founding of the company, including key dates (300 words maximum).
  3. Leadership team – Provide a brief background on your core team members and advisors (300 words maximum).
  4. Prototype description – Describe the product or service offering (maximum 500 words).
  5. Innovation description – Describe the scientific or technological innovation behind the idea without disclosing proprietary technology (maximum 500 words).
  6. Differentiation – Describe what makes this innovation unique. Identify what third party validation has been achieved to date (500 words maximum).
  7. Path to commercialization – Describe how the concept/prototype may transition into a commercial product. Provide a product pitch as it would be described to a group of mineral company executives (500 words maximum).


All information submitted will be kept confidential.

To Apply

Best Prototype Award Application – Please submit your completed application to  If you have any questions, please contact the IMII at (306) 668-2070 or