Follow-up information to the Accelerated Site Closure Program Town Hall session has been released

June 16, 2020

The follow-up information to the Accelerated Site Closure Program Town Hall session has been released.  There are further details and links below; please be sure to review all of the materials.



The people on this list are NOT pre-qualified – they are just the companies that have indicated their intention to respond to the Request for Supplier Qualification (RFSQ) on SaskTenders. The list was provided to help companies begin networking while the official pre-qualified company inventory is vetted and compiled.

Not being included on this list does not mean a company is not participating in the RFSQ process – it more likely means we missed them when compiling the list. Or that we weren’t yet aware they intended to respond to the RFSQ.

The structure of the program has been adjusted in response to industry feedback from the Town Halls. Subcontractors should look at the RFSQ on SaskTenders and decide whether they wish to respond.

Your company does not need to respond if you would not bid directly to SRC/Licensees for the kind of work outlined in the RFSQ. But you will need to review the RFSQ and judge whether you should respond or not.

There is no closing date for the RFSQ. If you determine you do not want to respond and later decide differently, that option will remain available.





The details and explanations note from Priority Saskatchewan follows:

As promised in our Town Hall session, here is a list of those contractors and consultants who have self-identified as “lead contractors.”

Our understanding of how the oil and gas sector works has evolved rapidly in response to feedback from companies like yours through our engagement process. Consequently, I am not entirely sure that the “lead” or “site supervisor” role we had envisioned actually makes sense the way we initially thought it did.

Instead, we are releasing the Stage 1 Request for Supplier Prequalification (RFSQ) on SaskTenders inviting major contractors in 13 key service types to respond to the RFSQ. The service types include:


Well Decommissioning:

    • Service Rig
    • Wellsite Supervisor
    • Coil Tubing
    • Wireline
    • Fluid Hauling and Disposal
    • Cut and Cap
    • Pressure Testing
    • Cementation and Service Maintenance
    • Downhole Tools



    • Initial Environmental Assessment (i.e. Phase 1)
    • Detailed Site Assessment
    • Environmental Contracting (i.e. Heavy equipment, transport and waste disposal)
    • Reclamation/Remediation Regulatory and Abandonment Process Applications.


Nonetheless, I had committed to SIMSA and all of you that we would share this contact information, so we are doing so.

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your interest and input in this process. We are trying to meet our goals in the most transparent and fair manner possible.

In that spirit, I would like to ask all of you to look at the service types listed here and consider if you wish to respond to the Stage 1 RFSQ yourself. I will also add that being pre-qualified does not guarantee work. At the same time, not being pre-qualified will not prevent any company from participating through other Saskatchewan service suppliers.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to ongoing engagement to ensure the program meets the goals we all share. Industry input has proven invaluable thus far and I expect your ongoing support will help us course correct properly and efficiently as we move forward.


John Lax

Director, Industry Relations

Priority Saskatchewan