SIMSA Releases 2022 Member Survey - Value of Membership is Growing

August 31, 2022

SIMSA’s member survey is complete!  Below we will highlight a few items and the full survey – which also includes comparative and contextual data – is HERE

SIMSA conducted the survey to effectively tell our story to Federal and Provincial governments and to have them follow our requests, since they he need to be told how many voters and dollars we represent.  We had not completed a thorough survey of this since 2019 and our membership has grown by 50% since then.

The information in this report was compiled from 3 different surveys (current and previous two) – representing 135 companies. All response data was self-reported, with additional data pulled from public information (i.e. financial statements) or populated from the SIMSA member database (membership fee structure). Summary results were validated against public data and PWC report from September 2019 “The economic impact of local resource suppliers in Saskatchewan” – Table 8.

The current survey data is from July 2022 and therefore does not include new editions such as Cenovus Energy.  SIMSA currently has 314 members, at the time of the survey’s completion we were at 309.

SIMSA’s 309 members (as of July 2022) represented 32,100 employees in Saskatchewan generating $13.7-billion in annual sales attributable to activities within Saskatchewan.


SIMSA’s members’ sales attributable to Saskatchewan activities has correlated with the number of employees within Saskatchewan.


Our members work in the following sectors.


The resource sectors we work within have both remained steady over the years.


SIMSA members are seeing fewer swings in fulltime employee counts – from average to peak – but a growing percentage of parttime employees.


SIMSA members are somewhat steady numbers of male and female employees, but the Indigenous portion within this is growing.


SIMSA’s member database has had significant use by purchasing persons from various mining and energy producers, as well as industrial companies.


SIMSA’s database use and various events have resulted in significant business for our members.


SIMSA is grateful to the members who completed the survey and helped to understand their data.