SIMSA 2020 AGM Results

June 8, 2020

The Saskatchewan Industrial & Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) held its 2020 AGM today (June 4, 2020), which was hosted by Rob Tebb, SIMSA’s Board Chair.


The Board voting results, saw the following persons elected to SIMSA’s Board for a 2-year term:

Anthony Clark, Tron

Doug Barker, Park Derochie Coatings Saskatchewan (incumbent)

Lucinda Wood, Saskatchewan Research Council

Riley Panteluk, Kelly Panteluk Construction

Rory Duncan, HD Engineering and Design (incumbent)


SIMSA would like to thank the following persons, who had also for let their names stand for election:

Bryce Henley, Athabasca Basin Development

Jeff Burton, AGI

Jordan Baptiste, Creative Fire

Kevin Lorenz, Ross Machine Shop

Rob Phillips, Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting (incumbent)


In particular, SIMSA thanks Rob Phillips for his past service to the Board – he was an articulate contributor to all matters, which was greatly appreciated.


Finally, SIMSA’s original board was formed in March of 2013 – with the formation of SIMSA. The board memberships were for 2 years for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms – but with a possible extension should the person become Vice-Chair, the Chair, and then Past Chair.  As such, the final remaining original SIMSA Board member hit this limit.


Departing from our Board this year is the last of SIMSA’s founding Board members – Ken Cenaiko of Croatia Industries.  Ken served on our Board for a few years, then progressed through the rolls of Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past Chair.  SIMSA thanks Ken for his formative and ongoing dedication to SIMSA!


As an additional piece of information, the SIMSA Board can hold up to 12 seats.  The following seven board members carry-over:

Rob Tebb, Xtended Hydraulics – remaining as Board Chair for 1-more year

Eric Lamontagne, GE Environmental Solutions – currently Vice Chair and becomes Chair after the 2021 AGM

Kipp Sakundiak, Prairie Machine – 1-year remaining in current term

Adam Logue, JNE Welding – 1-year remaining in current term

Darrin Craig, Dyna Industrial – 1-year remaining in current term

Jon Materi, Allan Construction – 1-year remaining in current term

Ritu Malhotra, March Consulting – 1-year remaining in current term


Also at the AGM, SIMSA’s audited financial (by PwC) were approved and PwC was appointed auditors for 2020.


Finally, revisions to SIMSA’s Bylaws were approved, which saw some Board roll descriptions leave the Bylaws to become Policy items.