SIMSA 2018 AGM - Results in 4 New Board Members

May 16, 2018

SIMSA held its AGM today at The Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon.


SIMSA’s original board was formed in March of 2013 – with the formation of SIMSA. The Board has 12 seats, with terms of 2 years for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.  As such, some of the original Board members have hit this limit.


Departing from our Board this year are 3 of SIMSA’s founding Board members:

  1. Tom Foster of Industrial Machine, he was also SIMSA first Board Chair
  2. Jim Nowakowski of JNE Welding, he was also SIMSA’s second Board chair
  3. Dwayne Howatt of Continental Mine and Industrial Supply.


The following eight board members carry-over:

  • Ken Cenaiko, Croatia Industries – currently Board Chair and becomes Past Chair after the 2019 AGM
  • Rob Tebb, Xtended Hydraulics – currently Vice Chair and becomes Chair after the 2019 AGM
  • Dwaine Friesen, AJ Machine – currently Board Treasurer (1 year term remaining, and then hits term limit)
  • Francis Nagy, Deca Industries (1 year term remaining, and then hits term limit)
  • Eric Lamontagne, GE Environmental Solutions (1-year term remaining)
  • Jeff Burton, AGI Envirotank (1 year term remaining)
  • Jim Rhode, Davis Machine (1 year term remaining)
  • Kipp Sakundiak, Prairie Machine and Parts (1 year term remaining)


Our Executive Director, Eric Anderson, circulated an email to members on March 12th requesting nominations for the 4 board seats that are open. Eric originally received 13 nominations, but later 1 withdrew from the list. As such, we had an election from 12 names for the 4 open seats.


The nominated person for the 4 vacant Board seats were:

  • Bob Dumur from ProMetal
  • Brad Darbyshire from STC Industrial Contracting
  • Dion Protzak from Saskatoon Metals Manufacturing
  • Doug Barker from Park Derochie Coatings Saskatchewan Inc.
  • John Scarfe from Points Athabasca
  • Kevin Lorenz from Ross Machine and Armour Steel Fabricators
  • Ron Hyggen from Athabasca Basin Security
  • Rob Phillips from Commercial Sandblasting
  • Rory Duncan from Howatt Consulting Ltd
  • Royan Stewart from Breck Construction
  • Scott Bahr from Bit Service Company Ltd
  • Terry Tessier from Flyer Electric
  • Dan Wingerak from Venables was nominated but withdrew his name


The 4 newly elected persons for SIMSA’s Board are in alphabetical order:

  • Brad Darbyshire
  • Doug Barker
  • Rob Phillips
  • Rory Duncan


Should one of these not be able to accept the position, the alternate is Terry Tessier.


SIMSA also had a series of Bylaws revisions included on the ballot.  These revisions were intended to strengthen SIMSA’s core as we grow.  The Bylaw Revisions were approved.  The approved Bylaws can be seen HERE.


Following the formal AGM, Eric Anderson – SIMSA’s Executive Director to announce the launch of the New Saskatchewan Supplier Database.  See HERE.


Finally 29-names were drawn, to see who can go on the Rocanville potash mine tour.