The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) commissioned the development of a custom carbon calculator for the mining, energy and industrial supply chain in Saskatchewan—helping lead the charge on carbon reduction.

The calculator allows suppliers to accurately assess their current carbon emissions levels and eventually compare against others (once we gather voluntary input). From there, suppliers can develop solutions to reduce their carbon output and take effective steps to make those reductions a reality, with the assistance of SIMSA’s soon to be launched “Industrial Concierge.”  The calculator allows for up to 10 separate locations to be evaluated at once, combining those calculations into one total output. This could include calculating carbon emissions by different buildings, street addresses, or even by segments within a building.

Note, this calculator was built with the Saskatchewan resource sector as its key intended user, so there may be shortfalls in other regions.


The calculator was developed with the assistance of BHP, Cameco, Nutrien, and TC Energy, as well as funding from the Government of Canada.

Calculator Form

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